Pet Facts:

A Pet may be just what the doctor ordered.
An animal’s unconditional love makes it easy to smile and banish negative thoughts.
They ramp up the feel-good hormone oxytocin.
Pets increase longevity by lowering pulse and blood pressure rates and may reduce yur risk of heart disease. Cat owners are also one-third less likely to die from a stroke or heart attack.

Adopting Your New Pet:

Click here for information about necessary supplies.

Click here for crucial information about introducing a new pet.

All our kittens and cats are healthy and have been vetted. We request that our adopters maintain their health,
and kittens and cats must be kept indoors. The expectation is that kittens and cats are placed in forever homes.

If  circumstances arise where the adopter can not keep the cat, Cause for Paws is to be immediately contacted.
Adopted kittens and cats cannot be abandoned, released outside or handed over to a shelter.

A donation for adoption is gratefully received to provide medical assistance to the next rescued kitten or cat.

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